ARV Mini Series

DC Inverter Compressor
Auto Restart Function
Fast Cooling/Heating Technology



DC Inverter Compressor
Made of rare earth permanent magnetic material, the rotor could change the motor’s round speed by changing the DC voltage motor, thus overcome the electromagnetic noise and rotor loss of AC inverter compressor, then achieves high efficiency as well as low noise.

Auto Restart Function

The AC can automatically memorize the operation setting when power is cut off accidently. It can return to previous setting when power resumes. Recover the former operation state when power is restored , no need restart the unit manually.

Fast Cooling/Heating Technology

The DC Inverter Compressor system reaches full load rapidly providing less temperature fluctuation and an improved living environment, bringing great user experience.

Accurate Temperature Control 

According to change trend of indoor ambient temperature, the unit can use PI algorithm to calculate capacity demand percentage of indoor unit, control operating frequency of compressor in real time and achieve accurate control room temperature.

Flexible And Diversified Matching Of Indoor And Outdoor Unit

AUX offers a variety indoor units, more than 100 models of 7 types. Capacity ranges are from 2.2Kw to 14Kw. It is full compliance with residential and light commercial place. Our systems can operate up to 130% of capacity which allows any system to be designed to the customers and applications needs.

Wide Voltage Design

In country with unstable voltage, ARV can also run stably.

Refrigerant PCB Cooling Technology

The PCB is well cooled by the refrigerant, ensuring the system operate steadily .


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