Mid ESP Duct

Cooling Capacity: 7k-24k Btu/h



Flexible Air Intake Options

Air intake from rear as standard, from bottom is optional.The size of the plate from bottom is the same as the flange from back, which makes it convenient to change installation style according to different decoration requirements.

Built-in Water Pump (Optional)

The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high from the drainage pan.

Optional ESP

50Pa and 80Pa are both optional.

Ultra Slim Design

Only 290mm in height, save installation space.

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air makes indoor air healthy and comfortable.

Applicable To A Variety Of Room Types

Specific ESP design can be applied to various room types easily, like rooms of L type or U type; the air outlet can be set separately from the indoor unit, so the air flow can be equally distributed even the room is in irregular structure.

Fan Motor Options

Choose either AC or DC fan motors.


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