ARV 6 Series(India)

Large Capacity&Free Combination
Wide Operation Range
Changeable ESP



Variable Energy-efficiency Regulation

Evaporating and condensing temperature makes strong effect to the cooling and heating performance and energy-efficiency ratio of AC system.
Thanks to VER technology, ARV6 series has various modes with different refrigerant temperature which lead the system to different performance and energy-efficiency ratio.

Cooling: 3 modes with different evaporating temperature.
Heating: 3 modes with different condensing temperature.

Turbo mode
High cooling and heating performance, cool down or warm up the room rapidly.

Basic mode
Default mode, balance the reaction speed and efficiency.

High efficiency mode
Satisfy the lowest capacity requirement and low the energy consumption.

Users can choose a certain mode according to the actual need in different area and climate, so that the system can satisfy
various requirement, and the seasonal efficiency can be optimized.

Saving Installation Space

Less quantity of system, space saving, easy installation and low cost.

No Oil Balance Pipe Between ODUS

High efficient oil/gas separating tech,make the system oil balance between compressors without oil balance pipe.

Non-Polar Communication

Non-polar communication between IDUs ,easy installation and commissioning.

Auto Commissioning

When commissioning, the outdoor mainboard can check the operation state and show the corresponding error
code in engineering mode.
Find out the faults when commissioning, enhance the reliability of the system.

Auto Refrigerant Recycling &Auto Refrigerant Charging

Refrigerant can be recycled to the outdoor units when maintenance is need.
The outdoor unit can adjust the refrigerant amount according to the operation parameters such as pressure and temperature, and remind the installation personnel to stop charging.

One Button Test Run

Press the button lightly once in the main PCB board of the master ODU, to realize the cooling and heating test run, don’t need to open indoor machine one by one.

Auto Dust Removal&Auto Snow-Blowing
The outdoor fan can rotate in reverse direction to remove dust on heat exchanger to ensure the heat exchange performance.