R32 50Hz inverter-Free Match

R32 type
From 1 drive 2 to 1 drive 5
Space-Saving Installation
Flexible Installation

Inverter Compressor



Free Match                                                                                                      


Environmental-friendly Refrigerant R32   

The GWP value of R32 is smaller,so the effect on the greenhouse effect is smaller.The ODP value of R32 is 0,so it’s no harm to our planet’s ozone layer.


Space-Saving Installation   

Up to 5 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, which reduces the number of outdoor units required so as to save installation space. Besides, each indoor unit can be controlled individually and they even needn’t be installed at the same time.

Energy Saving  

Cutting-edge DC inverter of sine wave control and active PFC technology realize low noise and economical operation.


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